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Security tightened at Old City area

Bidar, The police have tightened security arrangements at Old City area as people have been violating the lockdown norms and failing to maintain the much required social distancing to avoid the spread of Covid-19. 

The police have camped at all the junctions and prime areas on the roads to tame the vehicle movement and also to restrict the people who wander unnecessarily on roads. Old City has been marked as the Covid hotspot and the people who have the pass are being allowed to enter the other parts of the City. 

The staff working in the red zone were given red pass. The entry to journalists and service pass holders is also denied. If the LPG cylinders are required, the house owners should visit the LPG agency and collect the cylinder. Magalpet Darwaza, Dulhan Darwaza, Fateh Darwaza and Fatepur Road are closed with barricades and thorny plants. Only one entry is provided to the Old City. 

Police vehicles have been parked in all the entry points of the area. District Armed Force personnel have been deployed near Naya Kaman, Siddartha College Circle and Mehmood Gawan Circle.


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