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Corona panic: 144 section enforcement across Kalaburagi district

Kalubaragi: With the rise of coronavirus fears,  144 section across the district.


Anxiety has spread across the district following the death of a man in Kalaburagi due to a deadly coronavirus virus. 


District Collector Sarath B has held a press conference today to ensure that the coroner’s virus does not spread. Section 144 has been implemented across the district for three days from now.


The public cannot walk in groups, and only one or two should get out of the house when needed.


Citizens have already been requested to follow this rule.


Section 144 has been enacted throughout the district as some have not followed the directive.


ward number 30 and 14 of the city has been identified as a containment zone and sanitized in two wards. The re-agents have already arrived from New Delhi for the Kovid-19 test and the laboratory will be opened from March 21st, ”Sharat.B said in a news conference


  1. Why big bazaar kalaburagi is live…. ? All shops are closed only big bazaar & reliance supermart is open till now..?


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