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Taxi driver with COVID-19 escapes from Pune drives into Kalaburagi He was found in his cab on Monday morning; drunk, said he thought it would cure the fever

A taxi driver who showed symptoms of COVID-19 and was admitted in a hospital in Pune, escaped to his native Hit-talshirur of Aland taluk. He drove to his home on his taxi and reached on Monday morning.

Speaking to TNIE, Aland ta­luk Health Officer Dr Abhayku­mar said that some friends of the suspect in Pune contacted his friends back home, telling them that he had escaped and might return home. His friends informed the matter to us. A team of doctors of Aland Hos­pital waited for the suspected COVID-19 patient near his house at Hit talshirur, and on arriving, he was immediately taken in their custody. When the suspected carrier reached Hit talshirur he was drunk and told the team of doc­tors that he drank alcohol as some of his friends told him that it would cure the fever.

According to Dr Abhaykumar, the patient was found with symptoms of COVID-19. During the inquiry by doctors he said that he brought four passengers in his car from Pune and two passengers were dropped at Solapur of Maharashtra, and two others were dropped off at Ganagapur of Afzalpur taluk (Kalaburagi). Efforts are on to trace passengers who travelled in the taxi of the suspected patient.

The taxi driver was immedi­ately taken to ESIC hospital and later to Gulbarga Institute of Medical College Hospital, where at his throat-swab samples were collected and were sent for test, Dr Abhaykumar said.


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