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Nine recovers from Covid-19 in Bidar

Bidar, Out of 15 persons suffering from Covid-19 in the district, nine persons were recovered and sent back home on Wednesday night. All the nine discharged persons were relieved from the infection while the health condition of six others is also improving.

As many as 26 people from the district had attended the Tabligh Jamat in Nizamuddin area of Delhi and 10 of them had tested positive for Covid-19 in the first report. Other 16 members were discharged after 14 days of quarantine as they did not test positive. 

Deputy Commissioner H R Mahadeva said, all the infected persons were being treated at the special Covid-19 ward in the district hospital. We have been working hard to contain the spread of Covid-19 for the past one and half months in the district. The days ahead are more challenging. However, the recovery of nine persons has brought relief. The health condition of the other six is stable, he informed.

The condition of 73-year-old patient was a bit serious when he was admitted to the hospital. The doctors and nurses were also not confident on his recovery. But his health condition is improved as the doctors also took additional care on treating him.

The balanced diet provided in the hospital and the food brought from his house helped increase the immunity in
him. The recovery of Covid-19 patients has brought happiness to the medical fraternity, said the district hospital doctors.


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