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Lockdown norms tightened in dist

A surge in the number of Covid-19 positive cases and two deaths has forced the district administration to tighten the lockdown rules further. It has been since one month that the country’s first Covid-19 death was reported on March 10 in the district. The death of another elderly man has created consternation among the authorities, forcing them to huddle to discuss ways to control the further spread of the deadly virus.

Amid apprehensions expressed by some private doctors that Covid-19 could have transmitted to the community, the district administration will have to pull all the stops to stem the virus entering the third stage. District In-charge Minister Govind Karjol will be in the district on Saturday amidst the rumours that the City will be sealed down as the people fail to respond to the lockdown. To give credence to the grapevine, lockdown norms have been enforced strictly in some parts of the city by erecting barricades on roads and closing some roads.

Three KSRP battalions have already arrived to the City and another one or two battalions will come soon. Despite the frantic appeal by the district administration to the public to stay home to control the spread of the Covid-19, it has fallen on deaf ears as some people continue to roam on roads.

Infuriated by the non-cooperation of the public, the police canned some motorists moving around the City by violating lockdown norms but they stopped the same following the outcry over their attitude. The cops have started seizing the vehicles who are loitering in the City without any genuine work.

They have seized around 3,000 vehicles so far and arrested nine persons for violating lockdown norms. Deputy Commissioner B Sharat categorically said we have left with no option but to tighten the lockdown norms. We have kept ready about 700 beds to treat suspected Covid-19 patients at ESIC and GIMS. The district has 40 ventilators and a proposal has been submitted for an additional 44 ventilators. Besides, steps are being taken to purchase 20 more ventilators for GIMS. Antibody kits will also reach the district in two days, he explained.


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