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433 people tested negative for Covid-19

Throat swab samples of 555 persons were sent for testing and 433 of them have been negative in the district, informed Deputy Commissioner Y S Patil.

Addressing media persons here on Saturday, he said, the throat swab samples of another 101 are collected and sent for testing. Efforts to identify the primary and secondary contacts of the positive cases are made. 

The throat swab report of a person (P-374) who had died on Thursday, is tested positive bringing the total number of deaths to two in the district. Throat swab report of another person has been positive bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases to 21. The deceased was a car drive aged 42 years, he revealed.

Pointing to the instances of some people venturing out of their houses in the containment zones, he warned that all such persons will be quarantined for 28 days. He appealed to the people to bring all cases of fever, cough,
running nose and breathlessness to the immediate notice of the district administration.

He suggested that a close watch should be kept on the health condition of all persons aged more than 50 years and if any changes are noticed in their health, the same should be informed to the district administration contacting helpline number 1077.

He said that it has been the urgent need of the day to fight the dreaded virus. He stated that the virus attacks the persons who have a history of health problems and children.

He suggested that there is nothing to get panicked about the virus. He appealed to people to follow precautionary measures and lockdown restrictions.

He said, strict action would be taken against the private hospital lab technicians nurses, and other assistants who abstain from their duties.


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