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Two nursing mothers walk 32 km to reach their home

KALABURAGI, Two nursing mothers along with babies who set out on foot from Mumbai reached their homes safely four days after they began their journey.

While Pooja Manasingh Jadhav (22) delivered a baby girl 22 days back, Anitha Dineshkumar (23) gave birth to a baby boy 18 days ago. They are the residents of Tari tanda in Chittapur taluk of the district. A total of 52 people from this tanda migrated to Mumbai in search of the job.

Since there was no work after the lockdown, they decided to return home and began their journey on foot from Mumbai on May 10. The lactating mothers walked for about 34 km. While walking home, the police helped them to reach Pandarapura on Wednesday evening.

After a person contacted MP Umesh Jadhav over phone and informed it, he arranged a car for the lactating mothers and a bus to other 50 people. All of them, except the nursing mothers, have been quarantined at a quarantine centre set up at Sevanagara School on the outskirts of Tari tanda in wee hours of Thursday.

The lactating mothers were allowed into their homes for the sake of babies. After health check-up, quarantine seal has been applied even for the babies. 


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