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State records massive single-day spike with 388 cases

Bengaluru, Karnataka recorded a whopping 388 Covid-19 positive on Tuesday — the highest single-day spike in the state. Udupi alone reported as many as 150 cases with a total of 410 cases in the district. The surge on Tuesday took the total Covid-19 positive cases to 3,796.

Karnataka has been witnessing a surge in the number of cases ever since the lockdown was relaxed. Of the 388 cases, 367 had inter-state travel history with 355 arriving from Maharashtra. With Udupi seeing a flood of returnees and a majority of them testing positive, the district jumped to the top spot from the fourth place in the state.

Sources in the Health and Family Welfare department revealed to that as many as 7,000 people had come to Udupi from Maharashtra and all of them were kept in institutional quarantine and have begun to test positive. Surprisingly, returnees who have cleared the institutional quarantine phase have also tested positive for Covid-19.

G Jagadish, Deputy Commissioner, Udupi said, “All the 150 cases had returned to the district from Maharashtra. People need not panic about the sudden surge in the number of cases in Udupi. All these days, we were getting test reports of 200 to 300 people and there were fewer positive cases. Today, since we got reports of 2,000 people, the numbers have gone up.” Reports of 5,846 people whose samples were sent for testing are awaited suggesting a bigger spike in the district.


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