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Share details with dist admin, foreign-returned told

The foreign returnees themselves should inform the district administration to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus, appealed Deputy Commissioner B Sharat.

Speaking at a meeting of Muslim community leaders and religions heads at the Assistant Commissioner of Police’s Office located at the deputy commissioner’s office here on Tuesday, he stated, the neighbours should also inform if they found foreign returnees. By doing so, suspect corona cases can be identified easily.

The home-quarantined people should not venture out at any cost. The people stop taking part in meetings and programmes. The public should say goodbye to handshake and should not touch their eyes and mouth often. Hands should be washed often.

Those who are suffering from lungs disease should take extra care, the DC advised.

‘Remain indoor’

Police Commissioner M N Nagaraj said, the spread of this virus could be contained successfully if the people remained indoors. Not only the State, whole country will be in danger if precautions are not taken. Historical Mecca, a holy pilgrimage centre, has temporarily been closed in Saudi Arabia due to Covid 19 scare.

Religious centres where the people assemble in large numbers should be closed. The next one month is crucial in preventing the spread of the virus. It can not be prevented by imposing Sections 144 of CrPC. Hence, the people should cooperate with the district administration, he appealed.

He also said, people should not panic is they have a fever or cough. Having a cough and cold will not confirm that a person is infected with Covid-19. However, while talking about this, we have to be careful. We should not spread fear… One has to be very careful by taking preventive steps.

‘Don’t panic’

We should not allow this panic to spread across the district, he said and added that the district administration has taken all precautionary measures in this regard.

DCP Kishorebabu, ACPs Girish, Vijaykumar and Traffic ACP Veeresh Karadigudda and others were present on the occasion.


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