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In Kalaburagi, 24 positive persons were infected through a single source

Of the total 54 COVID-19 positive cases reported from Kalaburagi district, contact tracing shows that 24 persons were infected through primary and secondary transmission of P-205, a 55-year-old male who was suffering from severe acute respiratory infection and succumbed on April 14.

Out of total 576 cases reported in Karnataka, Kalaburagi alone accounts for 54 cases, the fourth highest in the State, as per data provided by the Health Department.

Of the 24 infected persons, 10 were in direct contact with P-205, one was secondary transmission, and 13 tertiary transmission. Ten positive cases includes seven male patients including a four-month-old boy and three female patients.

The virus spread to the tertiary contact P-425 through P-395, a 19-year-old male and one among the primary contact of P-205. Thirteen people, including nine female and four male, who came in contact with P-425 tested positive.

The Kalaburagi district also shares first place with Bengaluru Urban in COVID-19 fatalities with five in each district.

As on Friday, the district reported 54 positive cases, with 37 active cases and 12 recovered.


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