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A complete ban on vehicle movement on major roads in Bidar city

After the announcement of nationwide lockdown by the prime minister, the district administration has taken various measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the district. 

The district administration has kept a strict vigil on the activities of people. A large number of people were caned by the police, for roaming out without having valid reasons. It has ensured that there should be no availability of petrol and diesel for those who are roaming unnecessarily.

However, people have failed to restrict themselves in their houses and hence, now, the district administration has closed all the major roads and streets in the City to prevent the vehicle movement.

The vehicle movement has been banned completely at railway under bridge near Ashok Hotel in the City.

Electric poles tied with barricades have been kept across the road so that no one
can make a way to cross the road. Grills have been installed at Fateh Darwaja, Shahaganz Darwaja, Mehamood
Gawan Chowk, and Nayakaman.

Even after closing all the major routes to enter the City, some two-wheeler riders have entered the City on Tuesday and police were seen puncturing their vehicles to stop their movement.

Marking with a distance of one metre have been made in the petrol bunks to maintain social distancing. Only government staff and emergency service providing vehicles are being allowed in the bunks to get petrol and diesel. Petrol bunk staff are creating awareness among the public who are roaming unnecessarily not to visit the bunk for fuel. 

Police Department has taken strict measures to prevent the vehicle movement in the City, by checking the documents of every four and two-wheelers entering and exiting the city on Tuesday. Fines were imposed on those who failed to produce proper documents. Police
also checked all the vehicles at Mailur Cross, Gumpa, and Old City. In terms to gain publicity, many youths have issued passes for distributing food and water to the needy people. Even after strict instructions from the district administration to maintain social distancing, some politicians and their followers are roaming freely in the city. 

The number of people who are entering the district from other districts and States has decreased on Tuesday. From the last five days, every day nearly 300 to 500 people were entering the district, however, on Tuesday, this number has been reduced to 200.


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