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Give something to eat…

Children are hungry. Give something for them to eat…

This was an earnest appeal of the women labourers who returned to Pattana village of the district on Saturday.

About 120 construction labourers who had migrated to Hubballi and Dharwad were sent back by the Dharwad district administration
after the State government relaxed some norms, allowing the
migrant labourers to travel back to their native places.

The workers who left on Friday at 1 am in NWKRTC buses, reached Kalaburagi on Saturday at around 9 am. The buses which ferried the labourers were parked on the premises of the deputy commissioner’s office.

On learning that Govid Karjol was holding a meeting, the workers appealed to the police to allow them to meet him but their plea was turned down. More than 18 children, who were unaware of all the developments, were playing in the bus.

Women labourers alleged that no one has distributed water bottles or tiffin though it is 12 pm and we have been told to wait in the bus under the scorching sun.

Deputy Chief Minister Govind M Karjol was reviewing the Covid-19 situation at the deputy commissioner’s office here when the buses ferrying labourers were parked in DC office’s premises


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