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Officials asked to trace out people returning to tandas

vIJAYAPUR : Deputy Commissioner Y S Patil directed the officials to trace out persons who have come to the villages and tandas of the district from other States and subject them to medical tests to find out if they exhibited any symptom of the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

Reviewing the Covid-19 situation at a meeting of the officers of various departments here on Friday, he claimed that such a step is necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19 virus.

He stated that the dreaded virus is exhibiting its ugly tentacles with more vengeance all over the world. It is in this respect that all steps to control the spread of the virus need to be taken on a priority basis. He said that as the return of the persons from foreign nations to the district is closely monitored and as they are being subjected to home quarantine, it is also necessary to trace out all those who have returned to villages and tandas of the district from other States and to subject them to necessary medical tests to make sure that they do not exhibit any symptoms of the virus. He suggested the concerned to act urgently on the complaints and information got from people of rural and tribal areas and identify the persons who have returned to the district from other States. He claimed that such a step will instill a lot of confidence in others in the villages and tandas.

He revealed that the contractors of the KBJNL works, RDPR Department works and others usually bring labourers from Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other States. He directed the concerned to trace out such labourers within the next 12 hours. He suggested that the health condition of such labourers be properly checked and they should be supplied food, water and shelter. If necessary the district administration will also look after their food and other necessities, he assured.

Pointing to the directions given by the prime minister and the chief minister to strictly close interstate and inter-district movements of people, he said that if the need arises the deputy commissioners of the districts of the States from where the labourers have come to work in the district will be contacted and those who wish to return will be sent back to their States.

He informed that along with the appointment of two nodal officers for each of the 35 wards of Vijaypur city, the services of anganwadi workers will also be provided to all wards of the City and also of the towns to respond to the problems typical of women of the areas.

He said that permission to start commercial activities at the APMCs is granted on the condition that every villager and trader should necessarily wear a mask and maintain social distance. He warned traders of facing criminal cases if the goods were sold at higher price. ZP CEO Govind Reddy, SP Anupam Agarwal, DHO Mahendra Kapse and others were present.

321 foreign returned  people

Deputy Commissioner Y S Patil informed that till the forenoon of Friday as many as 321 persons have returned to the district from foreign nations. Of them 36 have completed 28 days home quarantine, 176 are in quarantine ranging between 15 to 28 days and the rest 109 are have been imposed home quarantine, he added.


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