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High-handedness of cops condemned

KALABURAGI, dhns: The public expressed their resentment over the police for resorting to lathi-charge on those who were on their way to the hospital and purchase vegetable.

Police Commissioner M N Nagaraj himself has clarified that the police will not impose restrictions to get essentials. Some people expressed their disgruntlement over the police for their autocratic attitude by canning the people throwing the directions of the police commissioner to the winds.

A couple on condition of anonymity said, the police intercepted their motorbike on which they were taking their child to the hospital near Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Circle from Lalageri Cross and tried to cane them. Without asking the reason as to why they came out, they started abusing the couple. The child started weeping on seeing the attitude of the police, they explained.

The police commissioner said he had given permission to cane the violators of orders for two days, he has given strict instruction not to cane anybody.


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