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DC orders shutting of petrol bunks but conditions apply

KALABURAGI, To arrest the further spread of Covid-19 in the district, Deputy Commissioner B Sharat has on Friday issued an order directing all fuel stations to shut till the further orders. He issued this order exercising the power under Section 133 of 1973 CrPC Act.

However, the vehicles of government employees, health department officials, ambulances, journalists and other essential services have been exempted. Fuel stations should put fuel to such vehicles after they produced identity cards, he instructed.

Total number of people isolated in hospital is on the rise with 22 persons being isolated at ESIC hospital till 2 pm on Friday but the number of persons home-quarantined has witnessed downward trend with 509 people quarantined at home against 961 reported on Thursday.

However, total number of persons under self-reporting is 452 people. The number of people arrived from abroad has gone up to 474. Primary contacts and secondary contacts stood at 99 and 388 persons respectively.


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